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Nevada Sharpshooter

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Nevada Sharpshooter

Nevada Sharpshooter

Age, 50. Experience, I have been handicapping since my early twenties and have done it for a living since 1996. My favorite sports to pick, when it comes to handicapping the sports I prefer are college and pro football (football is still the gamblers favorite game), college basketball (the big dance is the best tournament in all of sports) and baseball (America´s pastime and for many an overlooked opportunity for profit). My least favorite sports to pick, I rarely will pick NBA games. In my opinion baseball is a much better money maker than NBA basketball day in and day out. You can receive free football picks, free basketball picks, and free baseball picks on my free pick page every day.


Sharpshooter's Regular Service - Thursday! $15

Our Guaranteed Sharphooter Regular Service goes 2-1 or tomorrows update will be emailed to you for free.

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Sharpshooter's Bullseye Lock - Thursday! $25

If you only have one shot, make it your best! Get the Nevada Sharpshooter's Guaranteed Bullseye Lock for $25!

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Sharpshooter's Double Barrel - Thursday! $30

Time to take it to Vegas with both barrels! Cash in with the Nevada Sharpshooter's Guaranteed Double Barrel for just $30! Get both the $15 Regular Service & the $25 Bullseye Lock!

If either of the Guarantees don't deliver you will get the Double Barrel for the next day FREE!


Nevada Sharpshooter Weekly Package $129

Nevada Sharpshooter Weekly Package.
 Cash all of my daily packages (both the Regular Service and the Bulleye Locks) for the next 7 days for just $129!

Nevada Sharpshooter Monthly Package $249

Nevada Sharpshooter Monthly Package.
 Cash all of my daily packages (both the Regular Service and the Bullseye Locks) for the next 4 weeks for just $249!  Great Value!


Free Selection from Nevada Sharpshooter

Your free winner for Thursday: Take WI-MILWAUKEE -2 over Detroit
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