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Atlantic Sports

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Atlantic Sports

Atlantic Sports

Raise a toast to the Coast with The Most! Some 113 million of us from Fort Kent down to The Keys and there are a couple of things we have in common. Firstly, we're fanatical about our sports teams - like separate reunions for Giants and Jets fans in the family, fanatical! Secondly, we love to gamble - like taking a break from the tables at the Taj to enjoy a leisurely midnight stroll around the neighborhood, gamble! Here we bring together those two great loves with the critical element of choice. At Atlantic Sports you choose and pay for only the games you want to play! Take the wheel on US Route 1 and be sure to get your Free Daily Selections at Atlantic Sports!


You Select the games You Want To Win each and Every Day with Atlantic Sports!!!

Saturday: 4-2 winning Raptors, Hawks, Grizzlies, and SA/MEM ov
Sunday: 3-3 winning Cavaliers, Celtics, and LAC/UTAH ov
Monday: 4-2 winning Raptors, MIL/TOR ov, WAS/ATL ov, and GST/POR ov
Tuesday: 6-0 winning Thunder, OKC/HOU un, Spurs, MEM/SA ov, Jazz, and UTA/LAC un
Wednesday: 3-3 winning Hawks, Celtics, and White Sox
Thursday: 4-2 winning Raptors, Spurs, SA/MEM ov, and Dodgers
Friday: 3-3 winning WAS/ATL ov, Celtics, and LAC.UTA un

Check out your Saturday Options below direct from Atlantic Sports!!!

Atlantic Sports Selection 1 only $7

(MLB) Tampa Bay @ Toronto at 1:05 EST

Atlantic Sports Selection 2 only $7

(MLB) Chicago @ Detroit at 1:10 EST

Atlantic Sports Selection 3 only $7

(MLB) Chicago @ Boston on FS1 at 4:05 EST

Atlantic Sports Selection 4 only $7

(MLB) Atlanta @ Milwaukee at 7:10 EST

Atlantic Sports Selection 5 only $7

(MLB) Los Angeles @ Texas on FS1 at 7:15 EST

Atlantic Sports Selection 6 only $7

(MLB) Colorado @ Arizona at 8:10 EST

Atlantic Sports The Full Slate $25

The Full Slate with Atlantic Sports!!!

Get All 6 Saturday
Selections on 1 Report Ready Now!

(MLB) Tampa Bay Rays @ Torornto Blue Jays at 1:05 EST
(MLB) Chicago White Sox @ Detroit Tigers at 1:10 EST
(MLB) Chicago Cubs @ Boston Red Sox on FS1 at 4:05 EST
(MLB) Atlanta Braves @ Milwaukee Brewers at 7:10 EST
(MLB) Los Angeles Angels @ Texas Rangers on FS1 at 7:15 EST
(MLB) Colorado Rockies @ Arizona Diamondbacks at 8:10 EST

Atlantic Sports Weekly Package $129

7 Huge Days of All-Sports Action with Atlantic Sports!!!
You get 7-8 Dynamite Full Slate Updates Each Week!!!

Atlantic Sports Monthly Package $299

28 Huge Days of All-Sports Action with Atlantic Sports!!!
You get 7-8 Dynamite Full Slate Updates Each Week!!!

Free Selection from Atlantic Sports

Saturday's Free Selection from Atlantic Sports: New York Rangers - 120

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